Inferno of Rock Report – SEPTEMBER 2016

I am now officially. A musicologist!

Hard Rock Daddy

Inferno Of Rock ReportBy Ian Liberman


On August 20,2016, the loyal and deep-rooted fans of the Tragically Hip had the chance to listen to them perform one of their final concerts as part of a tour that would be their last of their 30-year career.  Gord Downie (lead singer/songwriter) of the band was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in May.  Playing famous songs like “Three Pistols” and “Bobcaygeon,” and their latest album entitled Man Machine Poem, the band weaved a tapestry of Canadian culture and history as they played to tens of thousands of fans.  Playing in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario, at the Rogers K-Rock Centre, the concert (which was aired live on CBC networks) had fans of all ages in attendance.  Although the band will eventually break up, it will always be part of our Canadian culture (like maple syrup without the calories).


In the…

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