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  1. Hi
    Just started reading ‘The Scientists’. Reached in 40s, started looking backwards. Feel like chatting with you in morning walks for long hours.
    With regards

  2. Ross Kerr says:

    Hi John,

    Just finished In Search of Schrodinger’s Cat. Obviously have heaps of questions, but my grasp on the main concepts is reasonably firm. I particularly like your style of analogising (or at least quoting analogies) almost every concept, and find your tone more readable than other Quantum books. I would really like to read a ’30 years on’ sequel and would ask which book you would recommend (preferably authored by yourself or someone you endorse!)


    Ross Kerr – humble geoscientist.

  3. Ross says:

    Appreciate that – will read both; in that order. Would you consider documenting the progress of the LHC’s 2nd run on this blog?



  4. Hi John
    Finished reading The Scientist. It seems as though you were witnessing all these events on your own. Wonderful work! Include me in your team of fans!

  5. Bürger says:

    Hello Sir,

    I read Schrödinger’s Kittens 20 years ago when I was 17, and it is part of the reason why I became a physicist. I volunteer doing science demos for kids, and often site your book as a source of inspiration. I still remember the wonder and awe I felt as the concept of quantum superposition came into clear view for the first time. Thank you for your writing!

  6. Nathan Porter says:

    Hello Dr. Gribbin,

    I am currently a senior in high school greatly interested in physics and completing a report on the Multiverse theory. I read In Search of the Multiverse and was amazed at the concepts that you wrote about. I was wondering if there have been any significant updates in the past few years of the theories you described since publishing the work that would notably enhance a more modern understanding of the Multiverse? Also, how do think the acceptance of the Multiverse theory in the science community has changed since and where do you think future investigations into the theory will lead?

    Thank you for your time and contribution!

  7. Gavin G. Young says:

    Please write an updated version of your book “GENESIS: The Origins of Man and the Universe”. If one of your existing newer books is already an update/replacement for the “Genesis” book please tell me the name of that book. Thanks.

  8. John Kropf says:

    Just finished 13.8, which was a birthday gift. Three questions: 1) Once the James Webb telescope is deployed, what do you hope to learn from what it will see? 2) What fills the space between galaxies? 3) What about a birthday party for the universe? We could celebrate the same day as Planck’s birthday. Best regards, John K. Arlington, Virginia

  9. Diana Toro says:

    Hello does anyone know how I can contact Mr Gribbin?

  10. chriscowled says:

    Dear John Gribbin,
    After an evening’s searching I’m struggling to find a direct link. I would like to get in touch. Kind regards,
    Christopher Cowled, Bioinformatician, CSIRO, Australia

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